Hi! I'm Kriti. I do and teach S H U B H L E K H.

I'm a Calligraphy and Lettering artist from Delhi. I'm so glad you're here.

I was that kid in school who first finished her projects in the art class and then helped everyone else to finish theirs. During the four years of my Bachelors in Technology, I used to day dream about never working in the technical field (lol!). I basically dreamt of becoming an artist but didn’t have the courage to pursue it, also because I was super confused as to how to go about it. And I did not have answers to my what and how. Things never really happen the straight way, do they!

In 2015, I wanted to make a poster for my then boyfriend (who is now my husband!), so I started teaching myself calligraphy in the limited time that was left on the weekdays after getting back from work. And then, I got involved in learning different forms of calligraphy over weekends. So, what next? Fast forward a couple of years, I quit my job!
And now I’m a full-time calligraphy & lettering artist, wedding invitation designer and a teacher. I’m a one woman team so depending on the day and situation, I’m a:
  • calligrapher
  • photographer 
  • designer
  • illustrator
  • watercolor artist
  • social media manger 
  • teacher
  • client support executive
  • and all of what is required to keep the work running!
The best part is that I get to do everything while I don’t have to put on my contact lenses, I can be in the heck of my crazy comfortable clothes most days and can have whatever I need to drink- tea, coffee or wine, depending on my mood! I’m obsessed with Delhi’s street food and I love wearing sarees. And yes, the most important thing- my work makes me freakin’ happyyyyy!